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Debbie Cameron, Director of Religious Education

Debbie has been a resident of Williamstown for most of her life as well as a member of it's Catholic community. She became interested in the religious education program as her three sons became students involved in it. Through this process, she started teaching grade seven in the fall of 1988. She continued in that role for five years, at which time she became catechetical leader for the elementary portion of the program in September of 1994. November of 2000 was the time when she assumed responsibility for the entire religious education program.

Debbie feels strongly the we have an excellent staff of committed teachers who believe in and work diligently for the development of a strong moral base in our children. In her words "we all work together in an effort to create enthusiasm about religious education among the students, to implement good, solid programs, and to involve the students in special events that help them recognize the needs in our world and how they can make a difference."

The goal of the program is to bring Jesus into their hearts and through God's grace hopefully they will live their lives according to the Gospel and embrace success as Jesus would define it.