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Party for Parish Volunteers

 "Thank You"  party was given by the Parish for all of those in the Parish that had volunteered for various activities in the past year. The party was held in the parish hall after the 4:30pm Mass on Saturday 
Feb. 23, 2013.
Several tables of excellent foods were available in the hall which was tastefully decorated by who else but still more volunteers. 
To those of you who haven't yet volunteered their time for the parish, it is strongly recommended that you give it a try. The members of the ministry that you might join or at least investigate will be most cordial and I can assure you that the experience will more than please you. You will find the atmosphere low-key and low pressure. Just drop in and chat with Pauline and learn about the various ministries available. Unfortunately, I don't think that there is a list at present of the ministries, but Pauline can certainly rattle off several that could be of interest.
Most groups are run very informally. It is very easy to just assume that things will happen without stopping to consider who does these "things" - such as, change and water the flowers, take care of the altar cloths,
change the missals periodically, put on events such as the St.  Patrick  Day dinner dance, handle the week-end meals program, etc. There are dozens of areas that we all take for granted.
Become a volunteer. The Parish need you. And then at thenext party you will also be welcome.

Below are photos of this years party taken by, who else but our own Pauline.

Volunteers Thank You Feb_23_2013